Pilgrim – Misery Wizard (CD) Review

PILGRIM is a Three piece Doom metal band from Rhode Island. The band formed in early 2010 The members are. ” Krolg, the Slayer of Man” (drums), “Count Elric the Soothsayer” (bass) and “The Wizard” (guitars and vocals) Their new Cd titled “Misery Wizard” Is coming out at the end of January. Pilgrim has Signed with (poison Tongue records). Distribution being handled by (Metal Blade records). If you are a fan of Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus .Prepare to rejoice and worship at the dark altar because you will love “Pilgrim” But the band that they sound the closest to is Candlemass “King of the grey islands” In particular.The band gives a homage to all three Forefathers of Doom Metal. With their slow headbanging dark heavy slow guitars,(Down tuning ever present) Heavyweight bass, and forceful drums. Having said all that Pilgrim stands on there own two feet and adds to the Dark lineage.

“Astaroth” the first track slow and methodical gets things started. And will subtly bring you into there dark forboding world. “Misery Wizard” the second track (eleven minutes long) Is brutal and demands your full attention to be fully immersed into. Turn off the lights sit in your favorite chair In the dark and soak it in. “Misery Wizard” has a strong influence from “Candlemass”. Then there is “Masters of the sky” It has “Black Sabbath” influences all throughout. “Forsaken Man” finishes off the Cd quite well and gives a sense of closure. The end to a long mystical dark journey. Overall this is a very good release. Very polished great guitars/vocals If you are into Doom Metal it’s a must have!

Look for “Misery Wizard” to be released at the end of January 2012
Recorded and mixed at Emandee Studios, September 2011
Engineered by Mark Ospovat
Produced by Henry Yuan
Mixed by Mark Ospovat, Henry Yuan and the Wizard
Rating 8.5/10


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