Seeker Lover Keeper Release Video For ‘Light All My Lights’

Individually, they’re three of Australia’s most innovative songwriters. Sally Seltmann specialises in narcotic, dreamy, sweeping pop, aided by layers of cotton-soft vocals, pianos and synths. Holly Throsby is known for summoning melodies that sound beautifully crumpled, worn and decades-old, and matching them with hushed, cutting lyrics that read like a Carver short story. Sarah Blasko writes haunting songs that veer from intimate ballads to orchestral showstoppers, and sings with what’s now one of the most recognisable voices in Australian music.

All three are distinct talents, but there are common threads between their songwriting too: an underlying sense of nostalgia; the golden, sing-along pop tunes; and the complicated lyrics about seeking love, and how difficult it is to hold onto it once you’ve got it. It makes sense that the three of them would be good friends. Get them together in the same room—or even the same phone line—and it doesn’t take long before they recall shared stories and descend into fits of laughter. But get them together in the studio or on stage, and you’ve got an entirely new band: Seeker Lover Keeper.

The album was co produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey) in New York City. Sally, Holly and Sarah played all instruments on the album except bass which was provided by Shizad Ismaly (Bonnie Prince Billy) and drums from Jim White (Dirty Three).

Sally Seltmann has released three albums in North America through Arts and Crafts, and is the co-writer of Feist’s ‘1234’. Sally formerly recorded under the name New Buffalo. Sarah Blasko has released three albums worldwide via Universal . Her last album 2009’s As Day Follows Night was produced by Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn & John) Holly Throsby has released four albums via Spunk Records in Australia and Southern Records for the rest of the world. All three have toured extensively internationally, Holly Throsby supported Tallest Man on Earth through Europe in 2009, Sarah Blasko recently finished a headline tour of Europe (and supports to Lyki Lee) and Sally Seltmann has opened for anyone from Feist to Broken Social Scene and done her own tours of North America.


1. Bring Me Back
2. Light All My Lights
3. Even Though I’m A Woman
4. Bridges Burned
5. On My Own
6. Rely On Me
7. Theme I.
8. Everytime
9. We Will Know What It Is
10. If The Night Is Dark
11. Going To Sleep
12. Rest Your Head On My Shoulder

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