Vendetta – Feed The Extermination (CD)

“Vendetta” The thrash metal band from Germany has just finished work on their fourth album titled “Feed The Extermination”. Which is set to be relaesed on Janruary 31st through Massacre Records. Members are Mario Vogel (vocals), Frank Schölch (guitars), Klaus Ullrich (guitars & bass) and Thomas Krämer (drums). Founded way back in 1987, they are one one of the most well known and beloved contemporary thrash bands In Germany. “Vendetta” back in the 80s was inspired by bands like “Metallica” or fellow German band “Destruction”. “Feed The Extermination” does have some decent aggressive moments with just a little taste of progressive thrown in. They have ten tracks running fifty minutes in length. The producer is Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Bloodbath).

The opening title track “Feed The Extermination” sounds like most generic thrash bands of the 90s. At first listen just for a brief moment. I thought Dave Mustaine (Megadeath) was on vocals. From there it got worse, might as well be on repeat as every song sounded the same. It’s a shame because they do have a long history in classic heavy and thrash metal. Vendetta’s Feed the Extermination tries (not very hard) to be a decent album. But there is something missing (no punishing guitar solos for starters) that the band was previously known for. The vocals are not up to par with today’s thrash band offerings. The album feels lifeless, as if it’s trying to relive the 80s. A decade that gave us the best thrash metal had to offer but sadly is long gone.

There is not a lot of good things to say about “Feed The Extermination”. Too many other good bands out there . This release has little to offer. I would suggest skipping this release and pick up Anthrax’s new album “Worship Music” instead.

Rating 5.5/10

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