Dragon Age: Redemption (DVD)

Dragon Age is one of the world’s largest RPG franchises, so it makes a lot of sense that there would be efforts to immortalize the game on celluloid. Dragon Age: Redemption is a title that draws considerably from the game’s mythos, but from traditional fantasy and tales of yore. Felicia Day (from The Guild) is the focal point of Redemption, an episodic tale that is presented in a serial format. While this format is something that is not used too terribly often in the post-radio period, a callback to this earlier form of narration makes for a unique experience.

For viewers that have watched bits and pieces of the episodes on Youtube or other video-sharing surfaces, the quality of the print presented on this DVD is sharp as all get out. Expanding the picture to the larger format does not reduce the enjoyment that one can have – I believe that the fidelity is ensured no matter how large or impressive that one’s set-up is. The presence of a featurette set will further increase the value of the release.

I found myself to be the biggest fan of the Bringing the Game to Life featurette, a mini-film that shows exactly how difficult it is moving from one form of media to the other. The blooper reel showcases a different side to the cast and crew, while a brief look into the costumes that are employed here provide some insight for the sheer amount of work that took place before the filming of every episode. Show the creators that there is a market for Dragon’s Age-based tales. The quality of this DVD is such that any fan of the show should search out a copy immediately. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 7.1/10

Dragon Age: Redemption (DVD) / 2012 Flatiron Films / 90 Minutes / http://www.newvideo.com

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