Levi – Vintage Flare in Riviera Jeans

The sheer quality in Levi’s Flare Jeans should be more important to potential purchasers than what the company’s name represents. These are jeans that will stick around an individual’s collection for years to come, even if they tend to put them through the ringer. The style of the Flare jeans is such that individuals of all ages will be able to successfully match them with the rest of an outfit. I was a fan of the variety of styles in the Flare line – there are a number of different shades ranging from the slightly lighter than normal (Pressed Worn) all the way to near-black (Pure Rinse). I personally found myself to be the biggest fan of the overall denim quality. There is enough to the denim that a fall, abrasion, or outright cut will do little to nothing to the pair of jeans. No matter what sort of everyday washing one does with them, the vibrant colors and fit of the jeans will not change – Levi wants to make sure that you look the best possible whenever you wear their jeans.

When compared to many haute couture jeans lines, the price that one will need to plunk down for a pair of Levi’s is downright affordable ($68-78). Couple that with a better understanding about how to make the best possible pairs of jeans, and one will have in the Levi Flares some of the best clothing to currently be on the market. Levi’s has a number of other efforts – both in men’s and women’s styles – that they are currently offering. Make sure to pick up a sweater, vest, skirt, or anything to properly set off an individual’s wardrobe. I would like to see how they can continue to innovate the jean scene in the months and years to come.

Rating: 9.3/10

Levi – Vintage Flare in Riviera Jeans / http://www.levi.com

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