Art Kenyon – Cocoon EP (CD)

The swirling rock music that issues forth from the beginning of Art Kenyon’s Cocoon EP showcases his unique vocal styles. With an equally active instrumentation bolstering each line, what results in an introductory track like Cocoon is rock-radio gold. There are hints of Placebo and the Stereophonics present here, but there is simultaneously a grit that calls back to the down and dirty days of rock.  The production of the Cocoon EP is similarly strong – rather than compressing the output to continually red-line speakers, there is a dynamism present in each of the album’s 6 cuts.

The Way They Try blends Neil Young’s Trans with Warren Zevon. Rather than just going full bore into the chorus, Kenyon’s skill in creating and building off of a foundation is unparalleled. If anyone was in doubt about Kenyon before this track, they have been converted by the end of The Way They Try. Tuesday Night spins things in a bold new direction; hints of sixties pop and The Hives intertwine into something new and exciting. Always is the final track on the EP, and it allows the instrumentation to take a dominant role. Rather than just bolstering the vocals, these instruments possess enough narrative to ferry listeners through the track. When Kenyon’s vocals do kick in, the track is made that much more tight. This song may only be 4 minutes long, but it possesses an epic feeling that will not soon be forgotten.

There are 6 distinct tacks taken during the Cocoon EP, and taken together, they represent who Art Kenyon was, is, and will be on subsequent titles. Make it a point to see him live and add his Facebook for the latest news.

Top Tracks: The Way They Try, This Girl’s Trouble

Rating: 8.6/10


Art Kenyon – Cocoon EP (CD) / 2012 Self / 6 Tracks /

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