Drunken Prayer – Into the Missionfield (CD)

You’d be forgiven for assuming Morgan Christopher Geer (aka Drunken Prayer) called Austin, hell even Nashville, home. But he’s actually from Portland, home to so many sound alike hipster bands. That alone should bring some added attention to his latest, Into the Missionfield, a nice blend of folk and alt country.

With some dark themes, but surprisingly sweet melodies, he can sing about the devil taking your soul (“Always So Sad”) and make it sound like a raise-your- glass-and-sing-with-me pub staple. Not every track is a winner (“Ain’t No Grave” is probably the weakest), but Drunken Prayer is at its best when they slow it down, and bring in the fiddle and organ (“Maryjane” is one of the best).

Coming off like Warren Zevon fronting Uncle Tupelo, Drunken Prayer plays music so unlike most of the songs coming out of Oregon today that you’d swear this was just some hipster experiment in ironic Americana. Regardless the music is still worth checking out even if we are all being duped.    

Drunken Prayer – Into the Missionfield/11 tracks/Fluff and Gravy/2012

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