Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life (DVD)

The fantastical world that is created in Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life is akin to that presented in the Percy Jackson or the Harry Potter series. On the eve of eir 13th birthday, Jeremy Fink comes into the possession of a box inscribed with “The Meaning of Life”. Jeremy and eir buddy Lizzy attempt to find out what the box could mean, and their journey tests the limits of their friendship.

An all-star cast is present in the film; Mira Sorvino and Joe Pantoliano represent the adult side of things, while newcomers Ryan Simkins (Wonder Showzen, Balls Out) and Maxwell Beer (The Skeptic) show that they can hang. Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad) and Heather Braverman (The Killing Machines) complete the cast. With ostensibly three generations of actors taking the stage here, one may feel that the resulting release would be weak. However, everyone turns in their “A” game and what results is a title that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

The video quality of this DVD release is sharp, linking together vibrant colors with a solid audio track. Pick up a copy of Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life today, and see in which ways it differs from the original book. I feel that each representation of Jeremy Fink is different, but that both releases have their own type of strengths. Kudos to Phase 4 for letting this film come to life, while pegging it at a price that all families can afford.

Rating: 7.4/10

Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life (DVD)/ 2012 Phase 4 Films / 88 Minutes /

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