T.J. Doyle – “Everything” Music Video

Few videos seem to fit the artist that has commissioned them. This is because one artist (the performer) is outsourcing their vision to another artist (the videographer). What results in a typical video then is a disjointed mess, containing imagery that is not borne out by the music, along with musical intensity that is not highlighted by the images present.

T.J. Doyle has just released a video for his “Everything,” and I can say that message conveyed by the video and the song is unitary. Blending atmospheric shots with footage of a couple, the video is made all the more impactful with fades, weathered footage, and quick cuts. The timeless aspect of this video works perfectly with Doyle’s emotive voice and inspirational arrangements. Of particular note during this track has to be the guitar/bass/drum interplay that demarcates the two halves of the song.

This multi-media presentation represents a blueprint by which up and coming artists should follow; I found myself even more moved by the video that I did with my original experience with the track. Check out the first link for more information about T.J. Doyle, and check the second link for a first-hand experience with the video. It is simply fantastic.

Rating: 8.5/10

T.J. Doyle – “Everything” Music Video / 2012 Self / 1 Track / http://www.tjdoylemusic.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH1ScZhcI6Y / http://www.youtube.com/tjdoylemusic

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