Chris Klimecky – This Journey (CD)


Few performers that have been in the music industry as long as Chris Klimecky would be able to break free of their influences and create an innovative album like This Journey. However, each cut on This Journey provides listeners with something catchy, familiar, and utterly unique. The style of alternative rock that Klimecky includes here is based on the work of acts like Fuel, Incubus, and the Foo Fighters; Klimecky’s contribution to the genre comes in the technical virtuosity that he exhibits throughout. Where compositions like the Goo Goo Dolls’ Slide are tremendously infections, Klimecky’s Arrival captures that same ear-worm flavor with compositions that will make fans think.

Sunshine and Misery continues this same confident approach, but Klimecky is able to provide listeners with a sense of the dichotomy present in the titular relationship. This comes forth again during Not Your Hero, a track that possesses a double meaning. The first is straight-forward, that Klimecky is not a perfect individual, but the second – that he needs to be on his own – comes forth. Ride The Wind is a late-disc track that ratchets up the album’s momentum considerably. Fueled by the inimitable guitar work of the aforementioned track, Afterglow rocks out until its final strains.

This Journey soars not only on the arrangements of Klimecky, but also on the tight production present on each of the album’s tracks. This production, helmed by Klimecky, highlights every guitar line and drum beat. What was always going to be a solid album is ratcheted up into a collection of hits that are ready for rock radio stations.  Make sure to pick up a copy of This Journey if you like solid musicianship and an always-compelling approach to the alt-rock genre.

Top Tracks: Sunshine and Misery, Not Your Hero

Rating: 8.2/10

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