Frostbite – Valentine and Other Stories of Hope (CD)


Sisters of Mercy is one of my favorite acts, but I feel that their influence on gothic rock has been largely ignored. Frostbite’s approach on Valentine and Other Stories of Hope builds off of the early work of acts like SoM, 45 Grave, and even flirts with ambient and darkwave music. Where there is a desire for a great many goth-related acts to be pigeonholed into a much too specific genre classification, what Frostbite does on Valentine… is unite these previously disparate strains.

The extended track lengths on the first three-fourths of the album provide Frostbite with ample opportunity to explore different concepts, all while introducing himself to his audience. My Darkest Dream ties together atmospherics with a much darker, brooding sound. Howl is the penultimate track on Frostbite’s latest, and it simultaneously touches the visceral (an animal’s utterances) and the erudite (Allen Ginsburg’s poem of the same name). It is the nature of this album to strike the widest array of listeners, and is a testament to Frostbite’s ability as a musician.

I believe that the most awe-inspiring track on Valentine and Other Stories of Hope has to be Yet Another Stain. This track weighs in at nine and a half minutes, and showcases Frostbite’s ability to keep the minds and hearts of listeners. The track does not meander as much as it takes a trip through various parts of Frostbite’s psyche, all while listeners are provided with momentous arrangements. Valentine and Other Stories of Hope is an album that will haunt listeners long after it finishes up; Frostbite is a master of crafting darkly emotional tracks that resonate strongly with anyone lucky enough to listen. Pick up a MP3 or physical copy of the album from his Facebook.

Top Tracks: but for the beating…, Yet Another Stain

Rating: 8.7/10

Frostbite – Valentine and Other Stories of Hope (CD) / 2012 Self / 11 Songs / /

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