My African Safari (Blu-Ray)


Rick Ray has just released My African Safari. This film fits in perfectly with eir other features, which saw trips to Iceland, Lebanon, Bali, and Israel. My African Safari showcases the sheer difference of the continent to our own. While the human component is something that is similar between areas, the creatures encountered and the lands traveled seem very alien to those watching this from the United States. The Blu-Ray format captures this in eye-popping clarity, providing viewers with an incredibly close view of lions, deserts, and otherworldly trees.

Ray takes individuals to a wide array of different areas. Hitting up Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Great Rift Valley, and massive Kenyan coffee farms, viewers will be shown that an African experience can be considerably different dependent on where one goes. I liked the discussion of the timeless conflict between different tribes; no matter what technology filters down or efforts are taken to quell their violence, there is a sense that these individuals will remain locked in combat.

Questar has released this title with DVD, allowing those that have not moved to the new format the ability to watch the film and move to the Blu-Ray when the time is right. Check out the Questar Home Video website for more information about the films that they will be releasing through the rest of the year. If they are even a fraction of a quality of My African Safari, they will be must buy types of films.

Rating: 8.6/10


My African Safari (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Questar Video / 88 Minutes /

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