Various Artists – Geddes presents mulletover

Release Date: Monday May 7th, 2012

  1. Sonogama ‘Hypnotic Beat’ (exclusive track)
  2. Maya Jane Coles ‘Dubchild’
  3. Gideon Bouwens ‘ Life Stories Part 2’
  4. Toby Tobias ‘In Your Eyes’ (James Teej remix)
  5. Delusions Of Grandeur ‘Don’t Sleep’
  6. Shall Ocin ‘Movin On’
  7. Ethyl & Huxley ‘3 Feet High’
  8. SCB ‘Mace’
  9. Will Saul & Tam Cooper ‘Tech Noir’ (Phonique remix)
  10. Metrika & Bastard Love ‘Europa’
  11. Okain ‘Scream’ (Nina Kraviz mix)
  12. Liberty City ‘If You Really Love Someone’ (The MURK Groove)
  13. Hugo Barritt feat. Robert Owens ‘You Are’ (Efdemin remix)

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London is saturated with clubs so for one to keep growing takes something special. mulletover celebrate 8 years with a special CD debut release to mark their journey to date mixed by programmer, creator and resident DJ Geddes.

Visitors to London are often looking for a party. No other event has made such a dramatic mark on the UK’s capital than mulletover. Maybe not the first event to take place in a warehouse, but it was the one that led the way to stage events in rotating spaces. This led to an underground culture of secret venues and the reinvigoration of many derelict spaces in East London.

Nowadays mulletover pulls crowds of 3000 people and sell out shows in durations akin to festival fever. Regularly asked to host at internationally renowned events, this year alone they can be found at BLOC festivals in London and Hideout in Croatia. Past endeavours include Lovebox and a season residency at We Love.., Ibiza. Now globally recognized as one of the leading cutting edge brands in dance music, they are still growing every day.

As other brands would look to capitalize, mulletover are turning things on their head. From next year they will only host two events in their London home, a move to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. As every other event in London seems to be held in secret venues with poor production and facilities, mulletover want to focus on the experience. Their move to large purpose-built venues such as the O2 and Pulse has scaled this DIY grass roots project into an international event. This was all possible due to the pride and attention to detail. Geddes has the ear of an engineer and an impeccable standard for sound. His consistency ensures every artist on the bill complements each other and he has closed nearly every mulletover event to date, while Rob Star has an acute talent for event production and combined they ensure that everyone who has attended won’t forget it.

Geddes has handpicked a selection of tracks that are representative of the sound of mulletover over the past 8 years including classics from Liberty City and Nina Kravitz as well as forward thinking diverse cuts from SCB (Scuba) and Maya Jane Coles, Huxley and new signings to murmur Sonogama. A special 8 page booklet will accompany the release with each page a description of each year and the release will be given away as part of the ticket for the 8th Birthday event. Released on Geddes’ cult murmur label as a follow up to his solo ‘Inner City Man’ EP, this release unveils a more driving and darker side than he is known for.

mulletover was started on a Saturday night in 2004 by Stuart Geddes and Rob Star in a now defunct and highly illegal space called R House. Geddes was born and bred in the capital and had frequented some of the best night spots since way before he should have thanks to a sister in dance music. Bored by the current predicament and overt control of super clubs, brands and DJs and ultimately wanting to experiment and bring something new to the table, he joined forces with Rob Star and the duo never looked back. Rob Star had flirted in dance music circles also, involved with the much hyped but short lived club Home and he is now involved with some of London’s most renowned dance music events such as Eastern Electrics festival, Circo Loco, A Night With… and his own ‘Star’ series of venues.

Their journey to this point has not always been easy with many a venue shut down by police and towing their own line despite London’s ever evolving tastes. But they never compromised and acts such as Andrew Weatherall, Dixon, Greg Wilson and Carl Craig make rare appearances and those that have born witness to mulletover know they are certain to leave with the best memories.

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