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The quality of proteins have increased considerably in the time since we started working out. GX Supplements’ Rebuild is a perfect example of this. This product does Rebuild, but it also builds considerable amounts of muscle mass. This is due to the inclusion of a wide array of protein sources, including whey protein, casein, and Waxy Maize. The inclusion of a 4:3 protein to carbohydrate ration ensures that one that uses Rebuild will not suffer from lean muscle tissue being catabolized.

The miscibility of Rebuild is high; one will be able to use either milk or water to make a uniform and tasty shake. We received the Chocolate Mocha flavor of Rebuild, and it is one of the few products that we have tasted that is spot-on in regards to the overall flavor profile. The inclusion of the B complex of vitamins along with Vitamins C and E and amino acids ensures that one will not have to clutter their counter or medicine cabinet with bottles.

The next time you need to purchase supplements for your overall health, take a look at what GX Supplements has to offer. Whether it be fat burners, proteins, pre-workouts, or other support products, GX will ensure that one has a leg up on the competition. If you would like to pack on pounds of lean muscle without having to go into hock for all of the meats and proteins one traditionally needs, make it a point to purchase Rebuild from the Go-GX domain. $59 will get one a three-pound bottle; bookmark their domain to see the different products that will come forth as a party of the Tony Atlas series.

Rating: 8.4/10

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