Since Remembered – Coming Alive (CD)


Wait, is it 2006 or is it 1986? Well, with “Everything”, Since Remembered sounds like a band that would have much more in common with acts off of Dischord Records as of twenty years ago. But is this a bad thing? Hell no, as the fury captured by Since Remembered on “Coming Alive” is so much that the production buckles at the gargantuan duty of picking up all the confidence and strength of the vocals. Movie quotes are thrown in as possible stumbling blocks for Since Remembered, but the band kicks those aside like yesterday’s garbage.

Tracks on “Coming Alive” may only be about two and a half minutes, but Since Remembered keeps such a stranglehold on their listeners that less than three minute songs will feel like ten minute epics. The only time that listeners can get a minute of breath are when the band leads out on tracks during “Coming Alive”; the two second reprieve between “Everything” and “Ten Years” is enough to toughen back up and be ready to be assaulted by Since Remembered for another ninety seconds. This is one of the best current hardcore bands out, doing one of the best hardcore albums since Righteous Jams cut their last album a few years back. This is the type of an album that could be put on repeat continually and the twenty-seven minutes of power that Since Remembered creates could continually assault and brutalize without individuals getting used to the shredding guitars or shrill vocals.

This is what crust acts wish they could do with their albums. The production is not very forgiving, but Since Remembered is solid enough with their arrangements that the band sounds if they were recording in Sun Studios with Bob Rock at the control panel (not saying anything about the style of the two places/people, but rather the resources that would be needed to get either person/place). Since Remembered is the best band on Blood & Ink Records right now, and it is only going to be a short matter of time before a major label starts looking at Since Remembered. The music on this album is so true, so angry, and so brutal that individuals will face a baptism by fire with each subsequent track; Since Remember are intense, they are furious, and they are here to tear your face off. Even when the band slows down, as is the case with “Loaded Gun”, the results are still lightspeed where many other bands are in the slow lane.

Top Tracks: Ten Years, Loaded Gun

Rating: 9.2/10

Since Remembered – Coming Alive / 2006 Blood & Ink / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 26 July 2006


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