sisterpete – Demo (CD)

sisterpete-Demo CD-Extreme Records-A very professional sounding band, most likely coming from the 7+ years experience and bring a very interesting sound to the table, and as a comparison I can offer up Silverchair and Bus. sisterpete is a very socially conscious band that devotes time from their busy tour schedule to do shows with Make A wish foundation and Musicians Against Substance Abuse. They are not afriad to include their own viewpoints about popular culture, suicide, and many other issues that are high on the visibility list. The recording is on par with bands that are constantly in the limelight and Brandons vocals are clearly the driving part of the band. The guitars perfectly accent the vocals, providing a pallet for Brandon to paint the rich vocals onto. The drums play the smallest part of all the instruments in sisterpete, which is actually an advantage, as a more involved drumbeat would completely throw the general moode off and ruin the very original vibe that I get from sisterpete’s music. Visit these guys at , email their management at or call at 316.831.9954. I only hope I can review a full album by these guys, as I believe a 3 song album cannot do justice.


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