HuDost: Waking the Skeleton Key (CD EP)

Waking the Skeleton Key begins with an effort that will transport listeners into an entirely new world. HuDost marches to the beat of a different drummer, while Moksha’s vocals are key in bringing the act into these bold new directions. There is a great amount of cohesion to be had through each of the album’s 9 tracks. I believe that listeners will be more than impressed just listening to a track like Hunger or the High Velocity Remix of All My Guitars, but the sum is so much greater than the parts. Bits of pieces of Korea can be heard on the downside of the disc, while I believe that one can discern hints of I Hold all the way back in Glacier.

I believe that Waking the Skeleton Key touches upon a wide array of discrete musical styles; there are hints of ambient, middle Eastern, and even straight forward rock music that present themselves here. The band is easily able to contextualize these additions and make a much stronger effort as a result. While longer tracks like Invisible (which pops over the 8 minute mark) would struggle if done by a lesser band, HuDost’s work on the aforementioned cut is easily discernible.

Make it a point to check out Waking the Skeleton Key; there is a complexity to each of the album’s compositions that drastically increase the replay value of the album. Along with that, make every possible effort to go and see the act live. While the production on this title is solid, I believe that having the band right in front of you will provide a much more memorable time. Pick it up today.

Top Tracks: Skeleton Key, I Hold

Rating: 8.5/10

HuDost: Waking the Skeleton Key (CD EP) / 2012 Self / 9 Tracks /

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