Boardwalk Empire –The Complete Second Season (DVD Set)

Steve Buscemi’s Nucky and his corrupt Atlantic City political pals (is that redundant?) are back in the second season of one of HBO’s best dramas. If you missed the first season, adapted by Soparnos vet Terence Winter, stop what you’re doing and get caught up. It’s that good.

Season two finds Nucky on the ropes after being betrayed by his brother and his new crew. There is competition in the bootlegging business when Nucky’s former protégé Jimmy tries to start up his own operation. Cammed with plenty of volence, betrayl and some of the best dramatic story writing to come on TV since that other New Jersey-based crime show.

With storylines around incest, Cain and Abel realtionships and an increasingly tense story lines, Boardwalk Empire is impossible to ignore.
Boardwalk Empire –The Complete Second Season/5 DVDs/720 mins./HBO Studios/2012

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