Storage Wars – Volume 3 (DVD Set)

As the third season of this popular realty series about bidding on abandoned storage units comes out on DVD, I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with the Storage Wars Drinking Game. Those who have never seen the show before just sit this one out. You’ll catch soon enough.
Here goes:

·         Every time couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante toss an insult at each other, take a drink;

·         When the missing link Darrel Sheets mangles a common saying or simple word, take a drink;

·         When Darrel’s son looks at his father with awed amazement that his father can even manage to tie his own shoes, hit it;

·         When Barry Weiss spends an ungodly amount of money on a trash bag full of dirty clothes or decades old IKEA furniture, take a drink;

·         and when Dave Hester does or says something prickish, take a drink.

One episode in and your sure to be blitzed. With Volume 3 of Storage Wars out now on DVD, I’m heading out to the liquor store now.
Storage Wars – Volume 3/2 DVDs/352 mins./A&E Home Video/2012

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