The Swinging Seventies (DVD Set)

Mill Creek Entertainment has been on fire. They have just released decade sets including tens of films with a value price (a hair under $25). We were lucky enough to receive their Swinging Seventies set for review, but the company has also released sets for the forties, fifties, sixties, and eighties.

The titles that are presented here include a veritable who’s who of famous Hollywood actors; George C. Scott, James Earl Jones, Peter O’ Toole, Bill Cosby, and Jack Palance all have efforts here. The decade is treated well, with a multitude of titles present for each year. There are quite a few solid films, but a few titles deserve further discussion. How Awful About Allan is a film that originally was presented on the ABC Movie of the Week, and starred Anthony Perkins. Perkins plays the titular role, as an individual that is suffering from blindness after seeing the death of eir father. This thriller will have viewers on the edges of their seats.  The video quality of these titles is surprisingly strong considering the passage of time. This quality (and the quality of the audio) varies between titles, but viewers will be able to enjoy and understand every film that is presented here.

This set (and for me, the sixties and eighties) are must-haves. These DVD sets have collected these rare and otherwise out of print films, providing individuals with 75 hours of viewing delight. Mill Creek has a number of releases to ride out the year; check out the company’s website for more information of the titles that they are bringing to market through the end of 2012 and into 2013. Keep an eye on our coverage of Mill Creek and their titles.

Rating: 9.9/10


The Swinging Seventies (DVD Set) / 2012 Mill Creek / $24.99 / 4469 Minutes  /

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