Brave – Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-Ray / Blu-Ray 3D / DVD / Digital Copy)


Brave is a Disney-Pixar production that showcases Merida and her transition into womanhood in the face of utter war between a set of Scottish clans. Faced with extinction, Merida is able to bring light to darkness and save the day.


The Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Brave is the definitely release of the film. The five disc release ensures viewers have considerable value in watching the various featurettes and additions that Disney has made. The Blu-Ray feature disc contains extended scenes, the original La Luna short that was shown before the film, and a look into the decision to choose Scotland as the backdrop for the film. There is an additional short – The Legend of Mor’du – that goes further into the mythos of Brave, as well as a breakdown of the design and overall stylization of the bears of Brave. The second disc is purely bonus features, and it provides a lexicon for the various Scottish phrasing of Brave’s characters along with a different opening to the film. This Blu-Ray bonus disc also includes a brief look into Merida’s horse, Angus, and the legitimation of the family tapestry. For those that want to watch Brave on their iPod (or equivalent portable device), the fourth disc contains a digital copy of Brave.


Make sure to purchase the Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Brave for anyone that was a fan of the film or has yet to see it; I feel that it would be a great asddition to anyone’s stocking or present haul. Make sure to pick this up from your local department store (Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy) or from any well-stocked online retailer.


Rating: 9.6/10

Brave – Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-Ray / Blu-Ray 3D / DVD / Digital Copy) / 2012 Disney / 93 Minutes /

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