StompTown Revival Takes the Gospel to Thailand

A main focus of StompTown Revival’s music ministry is about reaching non-Christians and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The duo answered that call on a recent 7-day missions trip to Thailand where the band played numerous concerts in churches, nightclubs, and Buddhist schools, and where Gabe Martinez’s and Brandon Bee’s music and testimonies touched the lives of thousands and led to 20 people converting to Christianity.  The Christian promoter was so enthusiastic about StompTown’s Revival’s impact on the community that the band has been asked to return as soon as the duo’s schedule allows to play even bigger shows.


“We didn’t know what kind of response we would receive for our music since the majority of residents in Thailand are Buddhists,” says Gabe Martinez, StompTown Revival.  “The first show we played in Bangkok got a tremendous response with the crowd standing on their feet, dancing, and shouting out loud….with the same thing happening at every show after that.  Then witnessing 20 people coming to the Lord at our last concert was such a humbling experience.  This is when real revival happens as people surrender their hearts totally to Christ, and to see God bringing the sparks of faith and hope to the people of Thailand.  That He used our music to reach their hearts was such an honor and thrilling beyond words.”


Now that StompTown Revival is back in the states, they have a few Christmas surprises for their fans.  First, the vinyl version of their highly popular self-titled EP is now available online at  and at Grimey’s Record Store in Nashville, TN (1604 8th Avenue South).  Secondly, StompTown Revival is offering a special Christmas purchase also on their website where fans can buy a 5-EP bundle for $25.00.


Up next for StompTown Revival is a forthcoming music video in early 2013 for Guiding Me Home and more upcoming tour dates that will include church bookings and new tour concepts that will take them outside of the church.


About StompTown Revival

Seattle native Brandon Bee and Texas native Gabe Martinez grew up in different parts of the country but both developed a passion for blues/roots music at a young age.  As they began their own careers, Martinez as the frontman for the critically acclaimed Christian rock group Circleside and Bee as a solo artist with over 80 production credits to his name, their paths crossed at a music retreat in Seattle, WA in 2004.  The pair struck up a friendship, and when a guitarist with Circleslide was injured Bee stepped in as the fill-in musician for a few months.  The guys started writing songs together and that’s when they discovered their mutual interest in American Blues music.  It was at that point when StompTown Revival was organically born.  Shortly after that, the music caught the attention of Save The City Records which led to the new release.  StompTown Revival is managed by Artist Garden Entertainment, who developed the innovative new website for the duo that includes a log-in for citizenship and voting privileges for mayor.  For more information on StompTown Revival please visit them online at, and on Twitter @strevival.

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