The Age of Czeslaw Milosz (DVD)


The Age of Czeslaw Milosz is an exhaustive documentary on the titular poet, a Nobel Prize-winner that experience tremendous trouble and strife during eir life. After leaving from the yoke of Nazi oppression, Milosz lived in Paris and the United States. Along the way, Milosz wrote perhaps eir magnum opus, The Captive Mind. This documentary paces itself well, providing viewers with ample information about Milosz’s formative years. The bulk of the feature focuses on Milosz’s years, including first-hand discussions of eir relevancy and overall impact.

The Age of Czeslaw Milosz is a documentary that will be germane to anyone that is interested in twentieth-century European poets, but the stories and narratives described here will make this a title that even laypeople can appreciate. The overall effect of The Age of Czeslaw Milosz should be to inspire viewers to take further steps to improve their own lives; Milosz’s life seems to be made of the stuff of the tallest tales. In between forced emigration and educating generations of Americans, Milosz was able to craft some amazing poetry.

Make sure to check out the Facets website for more information about their available titles and their slate of films for 2013. Whether one is an educator or an interested party, Facets’ releases will provide vital education or entertainment. The prices that they charge for these releases is a small fraction of what other film houses would assess, while there is the same rigor of scholarship that should be required for any AP or higher-level (undergraduate or graduate) course. The Age of Czeslaw Milosz is one of the best documentaries that we have seen so far in 2013; seek it out today.

Rating: 8.9/10


The Age of Czeslaw Milosz (DVD) / 185 Minutes / http://www.Facets.org41pAGGkpuDL._SL500_AA300_

Top 5 Reasons for Peripheral Vision Loss

Peripheral vision loss is a matter of medical emergency and should be treated immediately. Fix an appointment with your ophthalmologist but it is also good to remember that the losing peripheral vision is not always because of eye problems. It can be due to any number of reasons. Given below are the top 6 reasons why peripheral vision loss can occur –

  1. Stroke – A stroke is also called as Cerebral Vascular Accident. You suffer from a stroke because the blood stops flowing into the brain. This results in no oxygen supply or nutrient supply to the brain causing vision loss, including peripheral vision. The loss can depend upon the severity of the stroke and the blockage in the arteries and veins. The optic nerve and retina undergo severe damage during a stroke.
  1. Glaucoma – Many older people suffer from peripheral vision loss due to glaucoma. To understand glaucoma, you have to first understand how does the eye work? Your vision includes functions like spatial discrimination, night vision, color and movement perception, night vision and contrast sensitivity.

You are able to recognize faces and read because of central vision and you use peripheral vision to see the obstacles in your surroundings. When you suffer from glaucoma, you lose peripheral deficits.

  1. Retinal Detachment – Retinal detachment is another reason why you lose peripheral vision. When the retina detaches, you feel as if a curtain is obscuring your vision on one side. It also leads to peripheral vision loss.
  1. Migraine – Migraine is a severe form of headache that can cause temporary losing your ability of peripheral vision. The symptoms of migraine are so severe that your eyes are unable to tolerate light and sound. You suffer from nausea and are unable to work normally.
  1. Brain Tumor – While peripheral vision loss occurs due to many ailments, it is also a symptom of brain tumor. Other symptoms include headaches, vomiting, nausea, balance problems and difficulty in speaking. So, if your peripheral vision loss is also accompanies by these symptoms, then it is best to consult a physician. With in depth analysis and a good microscope he will be able to detect and prevent possible bigger problems.

Other reasons for peripheral vision loss can be brain tumor, severe headaches, retinopathy or pigmentosa among others. When people lose their ability to see on the periphery, they feel as if the world has come to an end. This is not so. Sometimes, the vision loss is temporary and at other times, while in the case of glaucoma, it is permanent. It all depends on the severity of your ailment.

But if you feel that you are losing your vision or feel that you cannot see on the sides, then consult an eye-specialist immediately. It can be the beginning of something severe or can be something temporary as migraine.

Only an ophthalmologist can tell you exactly what the problem is. Also remember in case of strokes, the condition is emergent. The speed at which the patient gets treatment determines how much damage occurs to his brain. If immediate treatment is given, it can prevent peripheral vision loss.

Lady Antebellum Own The Night World Tour DVD Review


Lady Antebellum is perhaps the most famous country act currently making music, and this is due not only because of their studio efforts. The band’s live performances blend together the perfect amount of pageantry and ability; Eagle Vision has released a concert DVD that showcases this inimitable style. The concert is filmed with television-quality video cameras and ensures that viewers are able to capture every guitar solo and line of lyrics. The concert begins with We Owned the Night and provides viewers with a blend of the band’s biggest hits with some solid album efforts. With a following-up of the titular track that includes Stars Tonight, Love Don’t Live Here, and Just A Kiss, Lady Antebellum will be able to have viewers in the palm of their hand. Rather than rest on their laurels, Lady Antebellum is able to keep viewers interested through the second half of this DVD (American Honey / Hello World represent two of the most memorable late-concert tracks).

Eagle Vision has included a number of bonus features on this DVD. This means that there are five extra tracks (Darius Rucker even makes an appearance during Black Water) and a rare look behind the scenes at an Lady Antebellum show. Viewers will be able to play this concert over and over, its two hour runtime perfect for anyone that needs to clean the house or unwind.

For those individuals that have not had the ability to see Lady Antebellum live, this concert video should be a must buy. It can be purchased at any brick and mortar music store or at any reputable online retailer. Intrepid purchasers may be able to buy this for under $15.

Rating: 8.3/10
ev305919---lady-antebellum---own-the-night-world-tour-dvd-webLady Antebellum Own The Night World Tour (DVD) / 2012 Eagle Vision / 124 Minutes / /

Inciner-8 (Fat Burning / Caffeine)


The sheer amount of energy that is provided through supplementation with Inciner-8 is astounding; there is no jitteriness present here, while the energy presented is very long-lasting. I believe that this is due to the supplement’s formulation, which ties together 100 milligrams of caffeine with 7-Keto (a DHEA formulation) and Capsicum fruit extract. This energy is moderated through the inclusion of GreenSelect Phytosome and 5-HTP. 5-HTP is essential to anyone that wishes to supplement with a caffeine-containing product for any length of time.

The inclusion that pushes Inciner-8 beyond other similar products has to be the Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract. This ensures that continually kept off. We were able to supplement with Inciner-8 for an extended length of time and have been able to conduct both cardio and heavy-weight training without any incident. Inciner-8 shows that supplements made by stores can be of the highest quality; this product should be included in the medicine cabinet of anyone that is looking to break plateaus while staying happy and healthy.

While there seems to be a specific audience in mind for a supplement, I believe that gains can be seen by those that are casual and long-time fitness buffs. Interested individuals can purchase a supply of Inciner-8 from; tell us the experiences that you have had with Inciner-8 and other products.

Rating: 8.6/10

Inciner-8 (Fat Burning / Caffeine) /


Legendary eleven-time Grammy Award nominee, revered classic progressive rock producer, music engineer, songwriter, performer and icon on the music scene, ALAN PARSONS  (, will be embarking on his new world tour — Alan Parsons Live Project, Feb. 14th, 2013, which will include rare concert venues in the U.S.

This tour also coincides with the 40th Anniversary of Parsons engineering the acclaimed Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side of the Moon (which includes the hit, Great Gig In The Sky).  TDSOTM placed in the TOP 100 Billboard Charts (1973 to 1988) with an estimated 50 million copies sold. Parsons was directly responsible for some of the most notable sonic aspects of the album as well as the recruitment of singer Clare Torry. His involvement made a significant impact on the success of the album, which garnered Parsons a Grammy Award nomination for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.



This is a very special year for this music icon

(see below info and talk points)


Local radio stations and venue sponsors will be holding contests with great give-aways including concert tickets and meet & greet/photo op with Alan.


  • Feb. 14  –  TOUR LAUNCH –  Fort Pierce, FL – Sunrise Theatre
  • Feb. 15  –  Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall – includes lasers and symphony orchestra
  • Feb. 16  –  Orlando, FL – Plaza Theatre –  two (2) shows
  • Feb. 18  –  Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Parker Playhouse at the Broward Center
  • Feb. 20  –  Jacksonville, FL – The Florida Theatre
  • Feb. 21  –   Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall
  • Feb. 22  –  (west coast TBD)
  • Feb. 23  –  Las Vegas, NV – Railhead Theatre at Boulder Station
  • Feb. 24  –  Napa, CA –  The Uptown Theatre – marks the 40th Anniversary week for
    The Dark Side Of The Moon. 
  • ALSO COMING UP IN 2013: Concerts throughout month of March – GERMANY, AUSTRIA, HOLLAND.   
  • Other concerts, festivals and appearances: TBD including Germany, Italy, Turkey and Paris
  • 35th Anniversary of  Alan’s I Robot
  • A cousin of actor Oliver Reed, Parsons is also venturing into the acting arena

  • Honored with Germany’s The Diva Hall Of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award in June, 2012
  • Receiving Vienna’s Walk Of Stars honor, March 2013
  • Recently finished engineering the STEVE WILSON (from UK progressive rock band Porcupine Tree) album “The Raven that Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)”, set to release February 25th, 2013.
  • Wrapped up summer concerts in Europe and South America where venues sold out within a few hours.
  • Recently produced ukulele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro’s Grand Ukulele, adding the ukulele player to Parsons’ resume of musical collaborators, including The Beatles and Pink Floyd.


# # #


This legendary talent began his storied career as an assistant engineer at the famed Abbey Road Studios working on projects such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Let It Be, and quickly became one of the most sought-after names in the recording industry for his engineering work on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

After earning accolades for his work behind the glass, Parsons, a true Renaissance man and talented musician, formed The Alan Parsons Project, a multi-platinum selling, progressive rock band featuring Parsons, his collaborator Eric Woolfson and a rotating cast of studio musicians. The Alan Parsons Project garnered commercial and critical acclaim for such Billboard Top 40 hit singles as “Eye in the Sky”, “Time” and “Don’t Answer Me” among other successes.

Career-Defining Records:

The Beatles – Abbey Road, The Beatles – Let It Be, Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon Wings, Wild Life The Hollies – Hollies, Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat, The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot, The Alan Parsons Project – Eve, The Alan Parsons Project – Eye In The Sky, Alan Parsons – A Valid Path

Current band musician line-up appearing with Parsons: 

  • ALAN PARSONS: Guitar, vocal, keyboards, percussion
  • P.J. OLSSON: Vocals
  • MANNY FOCARAZZO: Keyboards
  • GUY EREZ: Bass
  • TODD COOPER: Vocals and Sax          91-atlg

How to Cure Constipation

For some people, bowel movements can prove to be highly erratic. In some cases, days may pass, before such people can relieve themselves of bodily waste. In common parlance, this condition is called constipation. Whether it is genetically inherited, or wrought by an unhealthy diet, constipation can prove to be highly frustrating for those, who suffer from it, rendering them susceptible to early morning irritation and discomfiture.

In many cases, simply changes in the diet, basic exercises, increased water intake, and adjustments in sleeping habits, can alleviate constipation symptoms. It may, however, be the case that such changes are not enough, and you need some medicinal choices. If you fall in the latter category, then read on.

1. OTC Laxatives

Due to the commonality of constipation, there are a number of Over-the-Counter laxatives that can be easily purchased by patients, even without a prescription. These medicines, however, can prove to be highly addictive. Thus, you are recommended to avail them, as an option, only if the more natural changes in your daily habits don’t yield any results.

Nevertheless, there are various kinds of laxatives, and you should be informed about them. For instance, fiber supplements like Metamucil, Serutan and Konsyl are considered to be the safest best. These can be purchased in bulk.

In addition to the above supplements, there are different varieties of stimulants (like Dulcolax and Correctol), stool softeners (like Colace), and osmotics (like Cephulac) that can be bought from the medicine stores. For better results, decision to use such medicines should be taken after consultation with a certified gastrologist.

2. Advanced Medications

If the earlier varieties of OTC medicines do not work for you, then you have to look into advanced alternatives. After consultation with a doctor, you might be prescribed with medicines that make use of chloride channel activators that increase fluid content of stool, making it easier to discharge.

In other cases, a 5-HT-4 antagonist might be also used. These kinds of medicines, like Prucalopride, decrease the transit time of the colon, and increase the fluid composition of your intestines. There are some safety issues that relate to these medicines. Therefore, you must only consume these, if nothing else works.

3. Other Procedures

In case of constipation symptoms that do not dispel, even after medicine intake, manual or surgical procedures may be applied on patients. Such procedures are highly specialized, and focused on locating and curing specific problems. For instance: surgical removal of damaged colon parts can be undertaken, or the root of your constipation problem may be diagnosed and allayed with the help of colonoscopy.

 4. Treatments for Special Cases

While constipation causes are more or less standard, certain special cases can arise. For instance: you symptoms may be the result of a dysfunction of the pelvic base. In this case, biofeedback might be effective. Pregnancy can also lead to constipation, making it necessary for you to drink plenty of fluids, and eat lots of whole grains.

By following the above advices, you might relive yourself of constipation.

Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons (DVD Set)

Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons will get viewers caught up with Southland as the fifth season will begin on February 13th. For those that have not had the chance to watch the show up to this point, this DVD set is vital to understanding the motivation of the cast. The major switch-over in the cast occurs in the third and fourth seasons, as one of the focal points passes on, one gets transferred, and two other members of the force end up leaving. The shake-up in Southland makes for a decidedly different show than when it started, and provides the show with momentum enough to stay fresh throughout this DVD set.

There are a number of bonus featurettes that have been included in this DVD set. I feel that “A Crime Tour” is the most interesting of these inclusions, as it provides some real life context to the horrible acts that occur during these seasons. The unaired scenes provide vital context for a smaller subset of episodes, while “Back the Badge” allows those associated with the show ample opportunity to point out bits and pieces of specific episodes that would normally be missed.

The DVD set of these three seasons is retailed at $59.98; intrepid readers will be able to find a copy of this set for a few dollars cheaper. This set is a perfect addition to any Southland fan’s collection, and would be the perfect holiday or birthday gift. Make sure to check out the fifth season of Southland when it premiers on February 13th on TNT.

Rating: 8.0/10

51VGpmRPAeL._SL500_AA300_Southland: The Complete Second, Third and Fourth Seasons (DVD Set) / 2013 Warner Bros / 1094 Minutes /

Factor 2 Review

300Factor 2 is a vital addition for anyone that is looking to increase their gains and personal records. While it is accepted that an individual has to supplement with a pre-workout, protein, multivitamin and fish oils, there are substantial benefits to be had when it comes to supplementing with a Nitric Oxide-boosting product. Factor 2 contains a number of compounds that will allow for a greater pump than could be accomplished with pre-workout supplementation.  Force Factor 2 works in two stage; Stage 1 includes L-Citrulline, Lovage Root, and CoQ10. L-Citrulline has been shown in previous studies to successfully increase L-arginine levels, while lovage root brings greater amounts of water to the kidneys without losing electrolytes. CoQ10 is included to boost ATP (energy levels), while the second stage includes L-Taurine, L-Norvaline, Vitamin C, and Calcium.

The inclusion of L-Taurine and L-Norvaline in the second stage sets this product apart from other purporting to act in a similar fashion. L-Taurine has been associated with increases in mental clarity and mood, while L-Norvaline inhibits arginase creation. The Vitamin C increases absorption rates and overall health, while Calcium boosts bone health. Factor 2 should be picked up by anyone that is looking to break through plateaus. Factor 2 can be purchased at Force Factor’s website or at any online or brick or mortal sports nutrition store. The next time you are looking to purchase supplements, make it a point to see how you can include Factor 2. With an MSRP of $69.99 (and cheaper prices found online), there is no reason why individuals should not sup up with this product.

Rating: 8.2/10

Factor 2 / Force Factor /

Deepsend Records Signs Spanish Experimentalists HYBRID

Spanish experimental metallers HYBRID have signed with Deepsend Records to release their
sophomore album Angst on April 30th in North America.

The album was produced by founding member and drummer Chus Maestro, mixed at Sadman
Studios (Wormed) and mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan) which
feature their heavy and organic trademarked sound far from the non-credible modern superproductions.

The follow-up to their acclaimed 2008 debut The 8th Plague, is a conceptual behemoth of extreme metal that drives the listener through a progressive and intricate songwriting enriched with arrangements and dynamics able to keep the audience aware all time since the first listening.

Not unlike the game changer Planisphaerium by countrymen Wormed in 2003, HYBRID’s
Angst could very well be the country’s next great output. A true hybrid of genres canvasing all aspects of extreme music into one-cohesive yet complex vortex of sound. The twisted extreme death metal of Wormed, the frenetic mathmetal of Dillinger Escape Plan combined with the jazz elements of Candiria and progressive fusion of Cynic creates an impressive album that will appeal
to fans of death metal, grindcore and progressive metal.

An advance stream of the track “Flesh Fusion Threshold” can be heard at this location.

Magic Hat #9, Pistil, Elder Betty (4.5% ABV)


We received a few brews from Magic Hat and are pleased to report that each effort has a decidedly different bent than the rest of the line. It is this ability to create unique flavor profiles that makes their flagship (and year-around) beer #9 such a stand-up effort. This “Not Quite Pale Ale” contains an alluring opening that leads forth into a full-bodied flavor. While there is a little bitterness to the #9, the crispness and fruit-filled notes create a very fulfilling brew.

Magic Hat’s Pistil is a fresh and vibrant beer that gains its unparalleled flavor through inclusion of dandelion petals. The malty body creates a duality that is experienced in varying qualities; one will be surprised each time they sip Pistil. The taste ends abruptly, allowing for a clean palette with which to enjoy the beer. Pistil can be found from the middle of January out until the end of March.

Of the three beers provided, we found ourselves to be the biggest fans of Elder Betty. Elder Betty is a wheat ale that stands away from the pack. The inclusion of elderberry adds a slight tinge of fruit flavor to a tried and true summer beer. While not enough to overpower the wheat focus of the hefeweizen, Elder Betty blasts past other fruit-touched hefeweizens. The Elder Betty can be purchased from April 1st to July 31st.

Magic Hat is one of those breweries that have grown considerably because of the quality of their beer, rather than having a marking juggernaut creating false demand.  Make sure to pick up #9, Pistil, and Elder Betty (when the latter two are in season) from your local well-stocked beer store or at the hip and keyed in bar in your town.

Rating: 9.1/10

Magic Hat #9, Pistil, Elder Betty (4.5% ABV) /