Kikwear 32” New Super Deluxe Pants Review | Glowstick Ninja T-Shirt Review

Kikwear’s 32” New Super Deluxe Pants will take a tremendous beating while still being ultimately fashionable. No matter whether one is out at any of the upcoming outdoor festivals, foam, or paint parties, this denim will still shine. The color of the denim immediately differentiates the Kikwear jeans from others on the market, while the pair of pants is set off with the choice of bright red stitching. As is the case with Kikwear pants, they have incredibly deep pockets. This means that one can stash their camera, phone, kandi, and even larger things (soda, gas masks, poi sticks). Kikwear has a number of sizes available (running from 28 to 44 inch waist).


Make sure to check out their T-shirts. The Glowstick Ninja logo is designed by Robert VanWest and will inspire a considerable amount of people complementing the shirt. The print on the shirt will stand up to numerous washings while the shirt itself is soft and durable. Kudos has to go to Kikwear for providing a wide array of sizes for their t-shirts, ranging from X-Small to double XL; there just seems to be a sense of inclusion and plur by providing numerous color, size, and style options for their clothing lines.

As always, check out the Kikwear website and Facebook for more information about the company’s new clothing lines and specials. Kikwear has roared back in 2013, and may be sponsoring an event around your neck of the woods.

Rating: 9.4/10

Kikwear 32” New Super Deluxe Pants Review | Glowstick Ninja T-Shirt Review / / / 50354D-1

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