Steam Engine Stout Review

47335This is one heavy beer. Our introduction to the beers of the Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company is a 6.4% ABV stout which pours incredibly dark. With each initial sip, a distinctive dark malt flavor touches upon coffee, chocolate, and the bitterness of chicory.  The mouthfeel of the Steam Engine Stout quickly dissipates, allowing for a refreshed taste with every sip. For every hint of bite or bitterness, there is a sweetness to the beer that bubbles up. What results in the Steam Engine Stout is something that is eminently drinkable, providing the perfect amount of kick without the heavy alcohol flavor present in similar efforts by other breweries. The beer is able to shine even at the end of a bottle; the smaller amount of carbonation present here ensures that the beer is consistent and flavorful from beginning to finish.

I feel that the blend of hop, brown malt and darker malts makes for a complex beer. This means that the Steam Engine Stout will provide imbibers with a full compliment of flavors over the course of three or four beers.  The unique flavor of the beer makes it a perfect opening effort for a session, while the warmth will do drinkers well after the sun goes down. Make sure to visit the Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company in person or check out their website for more information about their various efforts.

Rating: 8.9/10

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