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3Beans is a strong porter that Sixpoint has released, and it is perhaps one of the most complex beers that we have had the chance to review. Each can of 3Beans represents a unification of disparate elements, beginning with the inclusion of Romano beans. These beans continue much to the vastness of the beer, and are united with cacao beans sited from Mast Brothers Chocolate. 3Beans is made complete through the presence of Stumptown Coffee’s beans, which provide an indelible stamp on the overall mouthfeel of the beer. The concoction is provided with a more woody and earthy tone after spending time with American oak barrels.

3Beans is a beer that goes town incredibly easy, with the coffee bean presence establishing a breakfast flavor to any sessions at which the beer may be present. While the aforementioned coffee and chocolate flavors vie for dominance, the alcohol that 3Beans has is hidden perfectly. The IBU of 3Beans is 85, but the 10% ABV coupled with the rich coffee and cacao body means that the beer is much more than bitterness. Make sure to pick up a 4 pack of the stuff wherever you buy beer; Sixpoint has outdone themselves with this intense and always delectable beer. Give their website a spin for more information about 3Beans and about the other seasonal and year-long efforts that they offer.

Rating: 9.2/10

3Beans Beer Review / Sixpoint / 10% ABV / http://www.sixpoint.com88889

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