This Is Thunder 10″ EP Review

Though it may not have the cool back-and-forth mail delivery lore of The Postal Service’s one and only record, This is Thunder is still a testament to putting up with geographical barriers to cobble together a great record. And while The Postal Service juggled different time zones for an entire full length, for This is Thunder it was just a four-song EP and not a full album yet, but the result is impressive nonetheless.

The band is comprised of France-based electronic musician Nopse (yup, no last name needed) and U.S.-based Jen Schande (who started out with the San Francisco queer band Boyskout). Demoed in France and recorded in San Francisco, the result is a bit like The Pixies fronted by Cat Power, combing punk, folk and just a touch of abrasive guitars (mostly on the second track “Shoot the Moon”).

While it hard to judge just how great this band can be with just four songs to their name, they’re off to a pretty solid start.

This Is Thunder/Self-titled EP/SP1 Records/2013


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