SOUL REMNANTS: Black and Blood Out Now

Massachusetts black/death beasts SOUL REMNANTS have officially released their new album, Black And Blood, via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. New Noise Magazine got in on the action with their exclusive stream of Black And Blood in its entirety. Check out the rage at this location.
Following the road of corpses left by legends like Death, Suffocation, Carcass and Deicide, Black And Blood is a transformative concoction; thrashing together elements of Scandinavian Black Metal, old school Floridian/brutal Death Metal and unearthly mind searing guitar solos. The end result is an overflowing cauldron of blood, which spews forth pure bone-crushing madness! The release comes housed in a high quality six-panel digipak complete with full lyrics and showcases the stellar Black And Blood artwork. For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Hypocrisy, Monstrosity, Rivers Of Nihil, Slayer, Suffocation and Terrorizer.
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“Note to all the veteran death metal acts struggling to find the energy of their classic releases: this is how it’s done.” – Metal Crypt

“Composing varied tracks without stepping into hectic and dead hearted fret board gymnastics. Fans of technical Death Metal as well as open minded people shouldn’t hesitate to give this band a try.” – Brutalism

“…they know how to write songs, understand the importance of hooks amid the chaos of numbing percussion and swirling riffs, and they keep the whole album tight.”

Hailing from the outskirts of Boston, Mass., Soul Remnants is a death metal quintet making a name for itself in the underground scene. The group began to form in 2003 with Thomas Preziosi on guitar (Year of Our Lord, Armory) and Mitch Fletcher on vocals.  They aimed to combine the raw intensity of American death metal with Scandinavian black metal. After a number of demos, the debut album Plague of the Universe was self-released on December 11 2009. It was produced by Pete Rutcho at his Damage Studios. Soul Remnants have since played shows with the local up and coming bands Revocation, Abnormality and Sexcrement, as well as notable national acts: Lock Up, Deceased, Master, Goat Whore, and Rotten Sound. Following the release of the debut album, Ryan Murphy joined on bass (Forced Asphyxiation, Deconformity) Chad Fisher on second guitar (Armory) and Colin Conway on drums (Frozen, Cannae, All that Remains, Death Ray Vision). The current lineup is by far the most intense and proficient incarnation of the band on stage. The next album is planned for release in 2013. Entitled, Black and Blood it seeks to outdo the debut on every possible level, while maintaining the heritage of old school death metal.

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