TaQuita Thorns Rough and Fancy CD Review


Few musicians are able to keep listeners interested through ten tracks, much less fifteen. TaQuita Thorns has imbued each of the cuts on Rough and Fancy with enough of her inimitable style and eclectic tastes in music to ensure that fans will stick with the album from the beginning strains of “Forever” until the last notes of “Believe (Power of Love).” The production of the tracks on Rough and Fancy is stellar, allowing for distinction between the instrumentation and Thorns’ vocals. Thorns’ work during the album’s introduction showcases her talent – not only does she narrate during this track, she provides an additional dimension to the instrumentation here. “Jam”       looks back to the early nineties and refreshes the styling of Deborah Cox and SWV into something that could easily be played on R&B radio stations.

“Shot Gun” looks further back, with a strong nod to the blues of the fifties and sixties. The track is longer than a normal single (it taps out just shy of the five-minute mark), but Thorns’ vocals possess enough depth to keep listeners on the edges of their seats. “Jam” dovetails nicely into “My Baby” and “The Ocean”. “My Baby” allows the instrumentation equal footing to Thorns’ voice, a move which pushes each constituent element further. “The Ocean” is an impassioned track that tattoos itself into the minds and hearts of listeners, a quality that it shares with “Believe (Power of Love).” This track (the video link is below) takes up hints of rock to make for another stellar outing for Thorns. Rough and Fancy can be purchased from a variety of places, including Amazon and iTunes. Visit TaQuita Thorns’ website for more biographical information,

Top Tracks: Nobody But You, Believe (Power of Love)

Rating: 8.4/10

TaQuita Thorns Rough and Fancy CD Review / 2014 Self / 15 Tracks / http://taquitathorns.com/ / http://youtu.be/kb6HS154J-E / http://youtu.be/WnhfHcp2f9k

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