My Fictions Release Stranger Songs on July 1st

Lowell, MA’s My Fictions will release their new LP “Stranger Songs” on July 1st via Topshelf Records.


Track List

1. Mt. Misery

2. Postcard

3. Lower (a selfish song)

4. Airport Song

5. Concern

6. Wake Anxious

7. Stubborn

8. Parking Lot

9. Contrition

10. Stranger

In a message on My Fictions’ Tumblr page, the band says, “This album has been in the works for a minute – we started writing this stuff at the end of 2012. We finished writing it at the beginning of 2014. Most everything we did with this record, we did in-house. We tried to make the album as insular as possible, so what you’re getting on this record is just us.”

Will Killingsworth mastered the record at Dead Air Studios.

Cut from the same cloth of today’s most influential hardcore, My Fictions are a force to be reckoned with. They are unapologetically heavy. Deliberately tense. Manically varied. Though their influences number among acts like Pg. 99, Converge and American Nightmare, the family My Fictions has been born into is one that is revolutionizing the genre today. Since forming in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley in 2010, the band has shared stages with Circle Takes The Square, Loma Prieta , The Saddest Landscape and many others.

My Fictions will be performing the new songs at a show with Lovechild, Mountain Man, Itto and Moonraker in Cambridge, MA on May 20 at TT The Bear’s Place.

The band’s most recent release was a collaborative split with label mates The Saddest Landscape.


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