Able Danger Taking Time Out To Perform At A Charity Benefit

Dayton, Ohio band, Able Danger was recently invited by ZNW Productions to perform at a benefit event. The band gladly agreed to play the event. On October 18, 2014 Able Danger will be performing in Wilmington, Ohio in effort to raise money for a young girl named  Evionna who is suffering from Downs Syndrome.

The event will be held at The Loft At Samuel Walkers in Wilmington, Ohio. Doors open at 8PM. Also performing will be: Crosley Court, Violent Kind, Starlit Skies, and Our Literature. Tickets are $5
Benfet for Evionna Fox 
Evionna has trisomy 21 (downs syndrome). This is a lifetime condition. For those who don’t know there is no cure. Downs syndrome causes a lot of health complications. Evionna has a complete Atrioventricular canal defect (CAVC). That’s a heart defect where her heart isn’t dividing red and blue blood, instead they’re mixing together making it harder for her to breathe. Evionna is on heart medication to help this problem until she is able to have open heart surgery. This page is to help fund any of Evionna needs before and after surgery also to bring awareness of down syndrome. Also to share to Evionna’s journey through life as a very special child. To make donations, please visit:
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