Mz Rockastella – M.I.B. (featuring Pettikash)

Mz Rockastella comes forth on her latest single M.I.B. with a rapid rap style in the vein of Nicki Minaj; there is enough in the way of twists and turns that are presented during this track to keep a high momentum. The production of M.I.B. links together trap and mid-2000s Atlanta rap to make something that straddles the line between rap radio and deep and dirty gangster fare. The different elements make for a raucous track that pops at all point; the inclusion of Pettikash to this track adds a further level of depth to this effort. Pettikash’s flow links together Killer Mike, Big Boi, and Twistsa into something that keeps the momentum high while inserting an entirely new flow into the mix.


M.I.B. may only be three and a half minutes, but the flow and beat will stick around in listeners’ minds long after the track has ceased to spin. There are enough in the way of nuances present to allow listeners to stay hyped during repeat listens of M.I.B. – few rap tracks are able to break free of a linear sound, but Mz Rockastella is able to create something that twinkles brightly amongst the sheer amount of chaff that are out there.

Make it a point to visit Mz Rockastella’s Facebook and Twitter for additional information and the latest news in terms of her videos and music. If M.I.B. is an indicator of her quality, radio should be picking up on this new rapper in the months to come.

Rating: 8.7/10

Mz Rockastella – M.I.B. (featuring Pettikash) / 2015 Self / /

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