Vegard Skrede Dans, baby! Single Review

Vegard Skrede has a high-energy opening to Dans, baby!  that will immediately draw listeners in to the composition. The track will elicit comparisons to Hot Hot Heat and Franz Ferdinand, as Skrede’s vocals build off of the works of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco to establish something that could easily make it onto pop and rock rotation. The production of Dans, baby! is stellar, allowing the disparate elements of the track (guitars, drums, and vocals) to shine on their own as well as to contribute to the overall sound of the track. There is enough differentiation to the track that the replay value is high; there is depth enough here that listeners will be finding twists and turns laid down by Skrede on their fifth or sixth listen.ko1lsdt7n2wukx0jm2gv

The track is able to build momentum and intensity from beginning to end; fans will not be able to catch their breaths until the track ceases. Amongst all these swirling guitar eddies and splashy drums, there is a beauty present that any fan of music can appreciate. The ability of Skrede to tell a story as well as contribute to the overall harmonies achieved by Dans, baby! showcases considerable maturity as a performer as well as provides listeners with confidence that subsequent tracks will be impressive in their own rights.

For samples of Skrede’s music, make it a point to visit his SoundCloud; Dans, baby! is one of the most infectious tracks that we have heard so far this month. The latest in news and information about this interesting and fun performer can be located at his Twitter. Keep an eye on NeuFutur for our upcoming coverage of Mitt liv på papir”.

Rating: 8.7/10

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