Shane Martin Til The Wheels Fall Off CD Review

Shane Martin Til The Wheels Fall Off review in

I Am What I Am is a fun type of country that looks back to the halcyon days of the mid-nineties to early 2000s and intersperses just enough of the current and contemporary style to make things interesting. Taking up the banner of individuals of Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson, Shane Martin is able to bring Neil Diamond and Jon Bon Jovi into the mix. What results with the tracks on The Wheels Fall Off is something that is perfect summer music with everything that has been lauded in the country style for the last twenty years.Shane Martin Til The Wheels Fall Off review in

She’s Got Me Right Where I Want Me is a catchy track that will immediately draw fans in after Martin completes the first line. The rich guitar line that is laced through the composition provides a punchiness that will have listeners pumping in money to the jukebox.

Whatever Floats Your Boat adopts hints of Warren Zevon and Jimmy Buffett to provide listeners with a different take on the honky-tonk. The production of this track allows the guitars, drums, and Martin’s vocals to pop.

Pour The Hurt On is a touching track that builds upon the tradition of hurt and vulnerable singer-songwriters. Anyone that has experienced hurt or loss in their life will be able to understand exactly what Martin is attempting to do with this track. Beer on the Brain is another home run for this performer, creating a track that will get fans out on the dance floor. The inclusion of a lively piano on this track distinguishes this cut from the rest of Til The Wheels Fall Off, another single-ready track for Martin. One of the most fun albums we have heard this year.

Top Tracks: She’s Got Me Right Where I Want Me, Whatever Floats Your Boat

Rating: 8.4/10


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