Ghost Lit Kingdom I Was Born EP Review

You Don’t Know Me starts out Ghost Lit Kingdom’s I Was Born EP. The track’s ethereal opening expands into a hard-hitting chorus that will impress fans of X Ambassadors and Imagine Dragons. Ela’s vocals here (and on the rest of Ghost Lit Kingdom’s newest) are a bright point; the band’s instrumentation during this beginning salvo hangs with these heavenly vox well.


I Was Born’s multi-part harmonies will immediately entrance listeners, while the brief guitar section that follows acting as a bridge between the distinctly different sides of the single. Our Bodies is the middle-point of the I Was Born EP and it showcases the most pensive and introspective side of Ghost Lit Kingdom. This slower tempo showcases an act that is making every note work. The dramatic tension that is established here is fantastic, building up gradually until the back and forth of the dual vocals are given the spotlight. The tenderness of this arrangement is unparalleled on I Was Born, representing a high-water mark that will make fans of anyone listening in.

Belly keeps things interesting; the solitary vocals that are established in the first half of the track firm up listeners’ expectations; when Ela takes the mic, things are put into a wonderful disarray.

To Revelry is the concluding effort on the I Was Born EP, representing a bold new journey for the band. This composition is tender and ebbs and flows between slower and quicker elements. With this epic sound, Ghost Lit Kingdom not only emphatically end I Was Born, but give listeners some semblance of where the act will go in the months and years to come. Check out the band’s Facebook for additional information about this catchy, fun, and always-interesting indie act.

Top Tracks: I Was Born, You Don’t Know Me

Rating: 8.8/10

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