Punta Cana Tourney

The potential of taking home prize money for a game is interesting to me. While we have covered a number of titles (card games, video games)in which there is a competitive sporting aspect, some of the best money still comes from traditional card games. An example where there is a good amount of cash flowing around has to be the CPT Punta Cana.

Several players have won tournaments and their prize is a trip to the Caribbean; the ability to be paid for a passion along with seeing all of the sights of the world is absolutely unparalleled when compared to other competitive card/video game opportunities. Derek Scallon is one of these players. Known best for his wins at a number of competitive tournaments, this 32 year old has released his own documentary, Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker.

The switch over from card games like Magic: The Gathering and online sports like World of Warcraft and League of Legends is very lucrative. There are a number of stories where elite players of each title have been able to win incredible amounts of money from poker tournaments. It is important to get into the minds of the top players when entering into a new competitive sport, and digging into blog posts, social media profiles, and knowing someone even before meeting face to face is an essential way of gaining an edge. The ability to be invited to major tournaments, seeing the sights across the world, and being put up in some of the area’s finest hotels are but a small part of the perks of being a professional poker player. The notoriety and fame that comes from playing at a world-class level can make for a life experience that is hard to beat. Talent in any sort of game of chance may be what is needed to make one’s life take a drastic turn.

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Punta Cana Tourney”

  1. Online satellite tournaments are a great way to win your way to big live tournaments all over the world. These guys get to stay at the Hard Rock resort for a week. Their buy-in for the main event is paid — they can play as many other games as they like. I’m thinking most of them won’t see much of the beach 😉

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