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Darian Terrence Worrell founded VOD Recordings (centered in Medford, MA) in 2002. Over the course of the last 13 years, the label has released a number of recordings. Under the skilled hand of Mr. Worrell, VOD Recordings have been distributed throughout the world. VOD Recordings is a record label that digs deep to find up and coming artists in a wide array of genres. Taking on pop, rock, rap, and EDM, the label is able to provide their acts with a tremendous amount of promotion.



The label is able to establish itself as wholly different from competing companies in the human component; artists signed to VOD Recordings are given the label’s full attention. A major concern with a number of other labels comes in the tendency to talk in dollars and sense. By working towards success for the artist, VOD Recordings is able to help out all associated. It is this refreshing tack that is taken that looks to shake up how the record industry operates.

VOD Recordings is a rare beast in that the company has been around for long enough that connections have been made with countless brick and mortar distributors, while Mr. Worrell’s work on the label ensures that the latest in music distribution technology is being utilized. With this one-two punch, artists will foster the contacts that they need to become and stay successful.

Artists that are confident enough in their music and wish to take their careers to the next level should visit the VOD Recordings main website and contact the label directly. The label has just released the KISSIN single “Zombie Girl” and will be cutting Redeye Feenix’s Still Representin’ Hull in the near future. For more information about the artists which VOD Recordings works with, take their SoundCloud for a spin; information about the label is located at their main domain and Facebook profiles.

https://www.facebook.com/VodRecordings/ / http://www.vodrecordings.net/ / http://soundcloud.com/vod-recordings

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