Elvis Presley – the Album Collection (CD Box Set)

Dropped down like Manna from heaven (or more specifically, from the folks at Legacy Records), Elvis Presley fans across the globe can now pick up the ultimate fan set – a 60-CD collection of records from The King. Included are restored versions for 57 Presley albums originally released from RCA between 1956-and-1977 in addition to three separate discs of rarities dating back as late as the ‘50s.

Any attempt to review this set in its entirety would be futile and pretty much unnecessary. If you are unaware of his work “Congrats on just being born!” or “Glad you woke up from that coma!” Whether they cite it or not, every major (and minor) rock band today, exists because of Elvis. Even if they didn’t grow up listening to albums like “King Creole,” “Aloha From Hawaii,” or fuck it, even the “Elvis Christmas Album,” the bands they did listen to grew up on Elvis records.

Every crucial milestone in his career is included here, from the live sets, the gospel records, holiday albums and great soundtracks to bad movies. The liner notes here are particularly fascinating, penned by John Jackson, who graduated from Indiana University with the first BA degree in Rock and Roll History. His thesis was on the life and cultural impact of Presley and does a stellar job of getting across his impact and legacy in the write up included with this set, alongside a 300-page illustrated hardcover book with commentary, discography and recording session data.

The King is dead, long live The King!

Elvis Presley – the Album Collection/60 CDs/RCA & Legacy/2016

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