El Gato Dice – Dos

Dos is a collection of 10 tracks by San Francisco’s El Gato Dice. Matador is the opening effort, showcasing a thoughtful introduction that deflty blends together deliberate arrangements and a fuzz that rises and falls as the track continues. El Gato Dice are able to create a solid introduction to their Dos without having to sing a single world. Continue reading “El Gato Dice – Dos”

Audrey X – Volcano

Audrey X’s Volcano is a powerful pop track that works perfectly alongside Katy Perry and Ke$ha, blending together strong and positive lyrics with a catchy beat that will tattoo itself deeply into the minds and hearts of listeners. The unique quality brought to Volcano by Audrey X makes for a timeless track that will interest fans of Kelly Clarkson and Hilary Duff while bringing in bits of J-pop and EDM. Continue reading “Audrey X – Volcano”

Diana Ebe – “Elusive Pleasure”

Elusive Pleasure is the latest single by Diana Ebe, showcasing a unique style that touches upon ambient, indie-pop, and even trip-hop genres before the effort ends. The instrumentation is taut, providing a considerable boost to the song’s momentum when the wall of sounds kicks in. The instrumental and vocal elements of Elusive Pleasure make for something beautiful that will stick with fans long after the song has ceased to play. The production of Elusive Pleasure allows each element to shine alone or together as a cogent entity, ensuring that the track has considerable replay value throughout the summer.

Diana Ebe – “Elusive Pleasure” / 2016 Self / http://www.dianaebe.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/DIANA-EBE-1061561550528031/

Svetlana and the Delancey Five – Night at the Speakeasy

All I Want is a tremendously inviting composition that sparkles with rich vocals and a blend of trombone, reeds, trumpet, and piano. The warmth of the early album continues with You Won’t Be Satisfied. The back and forth of the smooth female voice and reedy male vocals is powerful as the backing instrumentation gives it their all. The environment established by Dalton’s piano and Wycliff’s dual duties of vocals and trombone makes this one of our favorites. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me keeps the album strong with easy-going instrumentation that holds something more complex, while efforts like Sometimes I’m Happy (Sometimes I’m Blue) and Tea for Two provide a bevy of styles as fans move into the closing statements of the disc. Svetlana and the Delancey Five knock it out of the park with their “Night at the Speakeasy”.

Svetlana and the Delancey Five – Night at the Speakeasy / http://svetlanajazz.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/DelanceyFive/ / https://twitter.com/svetlanajazz007

Mike Vass feat. Mairi Campbell – Eyes Fixed

Eyes Fixed is a tremendous effecting track that links together the singer-songwriter style with hints of rock and alternative approaches. The instrumental and vocal interaction is delightful, with lighter, deeper, and more intense elements uniting to make for a tremendous composition. Continue reading “Mike Vass feat. Mairi Campbell – Eyes Fixed”

LSD Honey Ale (Indeed Brewing)

We are continually impressed by what’s Minnesota’s indeed Brewing is putting out on a regular basis and their LSD beer may be the best canned effort that we have received from them. After a long run, receiving their IPAs and Imperial Stouts I must admit I was a little trepidatious when I received this beer from the brewery. Indeed’s Lavender Sunflower Date is a honey ale. The style seems to be a little pedestrian when considering some of the more intense approaches taken to beers. After cracking open a can, I was incredibly surprised at the richness of flavors and the density of the resulting flavor profile. Continue reading “LSD Honey Ale (Indeed Brewing)”