Producing gold: KFM beats

Producing Gold: KFM Beats

The production that opens up Mxlcxlm z’s latest album After Party will immediately draw listeners in. There is a vibrancy to the arrangements here (laid down by KFM beats)that threaten to overwhelm the lyrical flow present. The dynamic established by KFM beats is spun off into a bold, different direction during Can’t get enough and Aint fa’ me. The backing beat that is created during each is more low key but has considerable depth, a rarity in rap music that forces fans to spin the tracks a number of times before hearing everything that KFM beats has laid down.
An early favorite on After Party has to be KFM beat work on Couldn’t make it. The single immediately begins in a similar fashion to J Dilla’s mid-oughts work before taking up a current or contemporary Atlanta-meets-trap sound. The eclectic approach taken during Turn up music looks back to the halcyon days of the late nineties /early oughts with a nod to Al Shux and Method Man. The clinking piano work here punctuates the track and ensures that listeners will have the melody tattooed deep into their psyche long after the album has ceased to play.
Goin‘ through it has a bass-heavy melody that showcases KFM beats’ finesse with a tightly-focused band of styles. Turn down music, the last full track on After Party, is an effort that immediately strikes with a haunting Three 6 Mafia meets Wu Tang sort of approach, all while there is a frenetic speed to the percussion that makes itself known at point. KFM beats is able to succeed producing wholly different compositions while keeping things cohesive and coherent through After Party. Give his website some love for the latest in information, singles, and other works that he is working on.
Top Tracks: Couldn’t make it, Goin ‘ through it
Rating: 8.2/10 /

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