2/3 Goat – Let it Rise (CD)

2/3 Goat – Let it Rise (CD)

Yes, that’s the band name and no, I have no idea about the meaning or origin of the quirky moniker. But 2/3 Goat does play an impressive mix of folk and Americana on Let it Rise (the New York-based band has dubbed their sound metrobilly).

There are plenty of bands out there right no peddling this genre, but 2/3 Goat does it pretty well. Boasting dual vocals, from Annalyse McCoy & Ryan Dunn, the band clings deeply to authentic bluegrass and country helping them to stand out amongst a slew of other bands that likely discovered Americana after the genre started picking up fans recently. Lyrically the music can be a tad precious at times (like “Whistle in the Wind”), but the musicianship is stellar throughout, the vocals impressive and the band can nail it on a song like “Whiskey Sins.” Goofy name aside, 2/3 Goat show a lot of promise with “Let it Rise.”

2/3 Goat – Let it Rise

7 tracks/Self-Released/2016 / http://www.twothirdsgoat.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/twothirdsgoat/ / 

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