Newborn – Newborn EP

Newborn - Newborn EP  / 2016 Self Release / 5 Tracks / /

Runaround begins Newborn’s self-titled EP, and the rock that issues forth here ties together grunge, Britpop, and alternative rock something that is hooky, musically deep, and will stand up to repeat listening. Our favorite part of this introductory effort has to be the bass line that is weaved through; this creates a perfect counterpoint to the more pensive and echoing vocal/drum dynamic. The band whips itself into a fury at all the right places, ensuring that listeners will be on the edges of their seats as the EP continues to spin.

Gravity is the rare example of a nearly five-minute track never having a dull moment. With swirling guitar eddies that build off of the work of Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes, Newborn is able to put their own indelible stamp on music with darkly emotive vocals and an all-in aspect that washes over fans and keeps the momentum of the EP strong until Innocent Guilt begins. Innocent Guilt, the disc’s middle, is important as it starts out in a much more stripped-down fashion. This heavy/hard rock track showcases Newborn’s love of the 1970s Detroit scene. With nods to newer bands (Jet, Wolfmother, The Black Keys) present, Newborn is able to create an unapologetic track that showcases another facet to the band.

Beautiful Disguise has a bit of desert rock and surf present before Newborn crafts something passionate (a la The Smiths, Weezer). A sizzling guitar line punctuates the track, ferrying fans to the EP’s final track, Old Soul. Old Soul concludes this EP with a much more laid-back, blues meets jam-band sort of sound. With the same masterful production showcasing each element of Newborn, Old Soul represents the perfect way for an act to conclude a release. The Newborn EP tells volumes about a stellar new band.

Top Tracks:  Innocent Guilt, Beautiful Disguise

Rating: 8.2/10

Newborn – Newborn EP  / 2016 Self Release / 5 Tracks / /

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