Another Orion by Tim Houlihan

Another Orion by Tim Houlihan

I Get Lonesome, Too is the first track on Tim Houlihan’s new album, Another Orion. The track calls upon the singer-songwriter style of the mid-1970s. The rich guitar work and emotive vocals will immediately draw listeners in, while subtle nods to Neil young, John Denver, and America all bubble through during this introductory track.

Send Me Back To You is a lively effort that shines with strong instrumentation. The arrangements are taut and allow the guitars, bass, and drums presented here to shine. The track reaches an entirely higher plateau when the band drops out and shines a light on Houlihan’s vocals.

Going to the Country is a blues-infused track that is a high-water point of the middle segment of Another Orion. The sizzling guitar work that is threaded through the track ramps up the album’s momentum considerable. Houlihan continues this engrossing track with the drum fills that are present at the beginning of Beneath the Surface of the Well. This effort stands up to repeat plays; dedicated listeners will be able to find hidden dynamics and sounds contained within.

What’s Gonna Happen to Me is a hard-rocking track that succeeds because of a crisp sound, high energy, and a compelling story. Somebody Talk to Jesus shatters the conception that artists put their weaker efforts towards the ending of their albums. This track is complex musically, tying together hints of Warren Zevon and Dire Straits into a powerful, engrossing track. Another Orion is a release that does not allow listeners to take a breath. The tracks contained within tell an engrossing story, giving listeners a look into a unique performer while containing a number of hits from initial riff to final note.

Top Tracks: I Get Lonesome, Too, Send Me Back To You

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