Maradeen – Above the Horizon (CD)

Maradeen – Above the Horizon (CD)

On “Above the Horizon,” Nashville’s Maradeen manages to deftly blend pop with classic Southern Rock and a little bit of the 1970s Laurel Canyon sound for a nostalgic album crammed with sweet harmonies.

Pulling together members from Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana and Kentucky, the band includes several refuges from the unfortunately-named group Mama’s Love. This album is a nice complement to their 2015 debut, with a few more experimental songs on this outing, like the wah-wah heavy guitar sound on “Let You Be My Man” or the jazz sounds on songs like “Summer Worries” and “Lost in a Dream”.

Lyrically, the band has a couple of iffy Lynyrd Skynyrd-esque retreads like “Back When the West Was Mine,” but they make up for it with an addictive track like “Fandango.” With 10 tracks, Maradeen has managed to breathe new life into a handful of genres that may have fallen off the radar of many.

Maradeen – Above the Horizon / 10 tracks/Self-Released/2016 / /

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