A Few Minutes with Confronted

A Few Minutes with Confronted

Hello, Thomas. What’s happening musically in Norway this December?

Hey, here in Norway new great music are made about every day. We got great musicians here in Norway. I make around 2 songs a week, and I have a lot of ideas in the future.

Confronted is a metal band with hints of goth (My Great Love) and 1970s hard rock (The Dark Shadow).

What sort of performers have the largest influence on your music? Have the list of who is influencing you changed over time?

From my early days, I was a huge fan of only Marilyn Manson. When I heard the album Antichrist Superstar I felt in love with metal/rock. I am still a huge fan of him, but I am also a big fan of Slipknot, Iron Maiden and the Norwegian band Seigmen. I will make hard tracks like The dark shadows and softer tracks like My great love. I love to use synth and metal together.

What significance does your act’s name have?

Confronted did just popup in my head. I checked out different names on the Internet and the name came naturally to me and my personality.

What sort of role does a title or a name have in regards to the music you create?

The songs I have made in the last 2 months are in the same category. It’s about evil and deep mind. When I see all the bad things that happen in the world my tracks are based on tragic things that mix up with my mind. The title are important to tell about the chorus, and the song.

Let’s talk gear and technology. What does your current recording and music production set up look like?

I use Cubase LE 8. I`m very satisfied with that program. Into the computer, I use Midiplus Audiolink to connect vocal, bass, drums and guitar and studio monitors. My recording studio is in my office that I made in 2014.

What sort of upgrades do you want to add in the future?

I want to buy new drums. And I want to build my own rom for recording vocal.

How can listeners find samples of your music and additional information about your act?

They can find me on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDGT3cHEK6q5bYmsH2Q8qJw https://soundcloud.com/tka-8   https://www.instagram.com/confronted2016/

What sort of plans do you have for the early months of 2017?

I will make music in the same style, and try and play something of my music live. Since I write and record all my music alone it’s hard to play live. I have a lot of ideas, so we most see what happens in 2017. Maybe I will make videos on YouTube to show how to make a simple song.

Thanks for speaking with us tonight. Do you have anything else that you would like to tell NeuFutur readers?

I hope you listen to my music. Please leave me a comment and share my music. All feedback (good/bad) is important to me so I can develop in music. Thanks for the interview.

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