Best Tunes to Drive To in 2017

Ok, so we don’t really know exactly what music will be out in 2017. As much as it would be nice to list the future Top 40 hits that’s you’ll want to rock out to in your car or to list the best New York songs about cars, this is just not that kind of blog. Instead, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to structure your playlist this year.

Coldplay It Up

Something about the tempo of Coldplay is supposed to be very good for driving. Apparently it’s supposed to be about the same as a human heartbeat, or around 70 beats a minute or so. While you’re not likely to count the beats between each minute of the songs you play, it’s worth nothing that Coldplay happens to have those beats down to a science in their songs. It may mean fewer speeding tickets this year, which may translate into a safer road experience overall. Experts have also decided that very fast-paced music makes you drive off the side of the road in maniac glee (or something to that effect), while the slower stuff may make you more likely to check your blind spot (though you should probably be adjusting your side mirrors correctly so that you have no blind spot instead.) This is probably because you’re already bouncing your head up and down to the music, and you’re probably thinking a little more clearly. There was something of an aside in that story as well: all those lyrics telling you to commit violent acts (whether it rap or non-rap form) aren’t going to make you any more likely to commit a felony on the road.

C’mon Get Happy

There are so many reasons not to get wound up on the road — even though certain days it may seem like other drivers only exist to make you crazy. Rather than giving into the chaos though, staying calm on the road means that you will be more likely to live. You’re also less likely to make stupid mistakes or engage in risky behavior. If certain kinds of music can help you stay even a little more level-headed on the road, it’s worth a shot. Or you may want to try to listen to lyrics and music that are a little bit happier in terms of their tone. The more you can keep your spirits up, the more likely you are to remember that there are a lot of reasons to make better decisions. You may need a few reminders after you hit that 6th red light in a row.

Get a Cue

When you’re driving, you should know the triggers or cues that set you off — and we all have them. Maybe you can’t stand traffic or maybe it really makes you nuts when someone cuts you off. It’s not fair to put your life in danger or get a ticket that can only be dismissed by taking traffic school. However you handle the stress should bring your heart rate down not up. Before this happens, it’s worth noting which kinds of music help you feel better about these things. Don’t forget that sometimes silence can be your best friend in tense situations too, it has the ability to tone down the mood and not over-stimulate your mind. If none of these techniques help, you may want to consider just avoiding the times of day that are more likely to set you off. Better safe than jamming to tunes and then getting into an accident.

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