Does Your Fashion Blog Need a Content Makeover? Here’s What You Need to Know

Fashion blogs are absolutely huge right now. If you’re a blogger in the fashion industry, it’s a good time to be in business.

The better news is that most of those fashion blogs are crap.

This means there is a major opportunity for you to snatch up a large portion of your target market. The only catch is you need some truly remarkable content to make this happen.

Your blog can’t suck like the majority of others – it has to be awesome.

Below are some tips on how to give your fashion blog a content makeover so that it blows away the rest.

Study Your Competition

If traffic to your site’s been a little low as of late, chances are your content isn’t performing as well as you’d like.

The best place to find content people are raving about is on the already top fashion blogs in your niche. Use an SEO analyser to uncover what new content has been getting the most views and shares.

After that, it’s on you to brainstorm different ways to write about those subjects. What unique or interesting perspective can you add to them? Can you go into the subject any deeper and provide more information?

If you find a way to make an already awesome piece of content even better, your traffic will skyrocket and your audience will love you for it.

If they really enjoy it, they’ll keep coming back for more and share it with all their best friends. Great things for your fashion blog for sure.

Mix in Your Personality

In the blogging business, especially fashion, people don’t follow blogs, they follow people.

Your website and content have something no other blogs in your industry have – you.

When you publish a piece of remarkable content – something you know should have been a hit – but it flops, why is that?

It could have the most killer fashion tips ever, but if you fail to connect with your audience on a personal level, people will notice.

The first place anybody should look when giving their blog a content makeover is in the mirror. Are you telling enough stories? Are you mixing in enough of your personality so that people feel a part of the journey, rather than just someone reading a boring piece of information?

Personality is a massive part of any fashion blog. Don’t leave yours out of the picture.

Publish on a Timely Basis

This last piece of advice is possibly the most important, and it goes far beyond just making sure your content is published consistently.

It’s all about treating your blog like a business.

The difference between a blog that sputters out and one that earns a decent living, is how you treat your audience.

This means keeping content fresh, interesting, and on a schedule. If people are forced to wait several weeks between posts, they’ll probably look elsewhere for their fashion tips.

A successful content makeover doesn’t just include revamping the meat of your content, it also addresses how you manage it.


There are thousands, if not millions, of fashion enthusiasts out there waiting to find the next standout blog. The key to any blog’s success, not just fashion, is in the content that gets published.

By following the tips above, you can give your blog the content makeover it needs to become something fans are truly dying to read.

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Author: James McQuiston

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