Tips To Carry Out AC Repair

Is your home air-conditioning device not performing to the mark? Before matters get worse, you must get it serviced from an expert. At the same time, you must possess the proper knowledge about the air-conditioning system. Having a sound idea about certain aspects of air-conditioning devices would help in repairing the device, once it breaks down or starts to function in an inappropriate manner.

Try To Fix It By Yourself

A lot of people try to repair the AC device, without having a complete understanding about the concepts. Once the AC starts to perform inappropriately, they try to test their skills and get involved into DIY tasks. In the process, they tend to make things more critical, without the proper knowledge. You need to have a clear understanding about the principles before carrying out an air-conditioning repairing job on your own. However, the heating and the ventilation part of AC repairing must be left to the experts for handling.

The Working Process For Basic Air-Conditioning Devices

The basic level air-conditioning devices that we commonly see at home and office feature two major units: an evaporator and a condenser. The condenser stores Freon Gas and keeps it under enormous pressure before letting it pass through a heat exchanger. In the process, it removes the heat from gas and converts it into liquid. What happens next? It is passed through a certain expansion valve and then into the available evaporator. A liquid form of Freon expands before getting evaporated into the gaseous form. At the same time, the latent heat is cooled before being blown into the environment. Gas being heated by a higher room air temperature goes back to the condenser. Here, the heat gets removed while the entire cycle continues.

Only Experts Can Handle Complex Issues

Remember, condensers and evaporators remain sealed and it would be extremely risky for non-professionals to carry out the repair work. Seek professional help though an online agency like, Hire a trained professional and get things repaired accordingly. The best thing you could do is keep the air-conditioning device clean from dirt and debris. You can clean the mesh guards by yourself, but never try your hands on the HVAC repairing part.

At times, the air-conditioner can offer an erratic cooling solution. During such scenarios, your primary responsibility would be to get the condenser cleaned in the best possible manner. This would probably solve the problem. However, if the urpose fails, consult a professional. It is quite possible for the air-conditioning unit to face blockage due to certain types of vegetation. In the most common scenarios, a condenser would be sitting on the concrete pad. But, you must make sure that the concrete pad is perfectly leveled. Remember, concrete can, at times, break down and put the motor and the condenser out of level. This would affect the entire operation part.

Author Bio: Amanda Roxburg is an air-conditioner service expert and regular columnist for several AC related web blogs and journals. You can find her reviews at

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