Bennett Kireker – Tips on Setting Up Your Own Business

I was talking to an old friend recently, Bennett Kireker who, the last time I spoke to, was just setting up an agricultural equipment business. As it turns out, he went on to find great success in the industry and the nervous business man who I was talking to back then, was a stark contrast to the confident and relaxed success tory that I was talking to now. I asked him if he had any advice on how someone can go out on their own, and forge a successful business in today’s market and here was the advice which he shared for anyone wishing to do so.


It is vital that whatever industry or field you decide to work within, that you have a real love for it and a passion to change, shape or become a strong part of it. Kireker told me that his love for agriculture went right the way back to his childhood and that his passion for the industry has not changed in over 50 years. If you want to set up your own business then one of the most important keys to success, as simple as it may sound, is that you actually care about what you are doing.


You must be prepared to take risks in business and more so if you are running your own company, these risks however must be calculated and not Hail Mary-style maneuvers. The business man told me about some of the risks that he had taken throughout his career in business and did not hesitate in telling me the ones which did not go according to plan. Risks will not always pay off, and you need to live with this and move on, playing it safe however is by no means a guaranteed way to success.

Be Tough

Business’ should never be measured on their successes but rather their failures Bennett tells me, it is when something goes wrong that you will see the rue strength of a business and its owner. If you are expecting things to go swimmingly for you in business then you are wrong and you need to be constantly on guard for a negative situation. When that situation arises you must take the hit, pick yourself back up, learn form it and go again if you want to find any real success.

Just Do It

Kirker begins to list to me the amount of contacts and friends who he has had in the past that came to hime with their great ideas, his advice was always the same, do it. The business man goes on to tell me that only 2 of the many people who came to hime with ideas actually did anything about it and the rest put up barriers and obstacles as to why they couldn’t do what they wanted to. If you want to set up your own business then once you have the idea, run with it and do it, failure to do so will see someone else take that idea and make millions from it!

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