C.K. Flach – “Empty Mansions”

C.K. Flach - "Empty Mansions"

C.K. Flach starts off his album “Empty Mansions” with Lazarus, an emphatic effort that showcases a unique vocal style and an instrumental backdrop that unites influences in the alternative rock and singer-songwriter tradition. The richness of this introductory track ensures that listeners will have to play the song multiple times before hearing the entirety of inclusions. Particular strengths here have to be C.K.’s vocals and the extended guitar section, both of which inspire listeners to stick with Empty Mansions.

Boxcar Dreaming is a touching and slower effort. The male-female dynamic works well here; there is a story told here that will tug at the heartstrings of anyone listening in. The instrumentation that represents the song’s backdrop can be seen as granting further depth to these vocals, but I would recommend that fans focus in and enjoy the guitars and drums as a separate arrangement.

The Officer has a slinkier,l funkier sound due to the introductory bass line. The sultry sound of C.K.’s vocals transform the track into a compelling, fun effort that will tattoo its melodies deep into the hearts and minds of listeners. Bits of Lou Reed and Chris Isaak can be heard here; Queen Caroline follows, looking back to 1970s rock ranging as wide as Cat Sevens and John Denver.

The titular effort on Empty Mansions adds a bit of piano into the mix; this presence further increases the momentum of thee album. The shining example presented here keeps fans focused in into Machine Gun, the penultimate track on Empty Mansions. Machine Gun is soft and somber with just a hint of Neil Diamond and Leonard Cohen  The album concludes with Firmament, a track which drops the music and causes fans to mull over a serious set of statements.

Top Tracks: The Officer Queen, Machine Gun

Rating: 8.0/10

C.K. Flach – “Empty Mansions” / 2017 Self Released / 10 Tracks / http://www.ckflach.com/

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